Well, yet another 3d shop ?

With so many websites of free-to-download 3d models, textures and market places like Turbosquid, 3dtotal or 3docean, why should there be another 3d content developer ? Well, first I´ve always been missing variations of specific models for my own projects and second, most of the available models where too expensive for me. So I believe there is room for quality 3d content at low prices that include variations for more richness and less repetition in 3d scenes. VIZPARK creates and sells these 3d models and is aimed at visualization artists and studios working in architecture, advertising, industry and film / television.

“But everything is free on the web”

Yes, indeed, there is plenty of stuff online, 3d models from Google 3D Warehouse, textures from CG-Textures, and more here and there. But my experience is that very few downloads are really ready to use “out-of-the-box” and meet the quality expectations. If you want to create high-end renderings or animations, you still need to put quite a lot of time and work in the free models until they look good. VIZPARK dedicates to high quality content, starting with models that are sized correctly, offer more variety, import well and really work. VIZPARK products are meant to be helpful with the purpose of saving time and money in real productions.

Do I need VIZPARK ?

If you are a 3d artist or studio and you are working in architecture, advertising, film or television, you might need good 3d models for your project. If you need plants, sets, or specific models to enrich your scenes with models that look real and don´t cost a fortune, VIZPARK might be for you. Products are added frequently to the shop with related tutorials that help to solve specific problems. Subscribe to the newsletter and you will be the first to know about new products, free giveaways and helpful tutorials.


VIZPARK was founded by Martin Jann (myself) in Berlin / Germany in June 2011. I work as 3d artist for architecture, feature film and advertising with a strong focus on plants, environment and lighting / rendering. Most of the products at VIZPARK are created by myself, including procedural modeling, photography, texturing, shading and rendering. Additional models are created with the help of freelancers around the world.

VIZPARK products include:
  • Detailed 3D models
  • Ready to use materials for 3Ds Max (mostly VRay and some Mental Ray)
  • Variations for less repetition
  • Photographed and hand edited textures
  • Real-World scale, so models import at correct sizes
  • Proxy files of high poly objects
  • FBX, OBJ, 3DS formats for other 3D programs (some products)

100% money back guarantee

Before you decide to buy a product from VIZPARK, you can check out the free models to see how they work for you. These free models are meant to show which parts are included in a product (3d model formats, textures, scenes). This way you can check if your software is compatible with the VIZPARK products. If you decide to buy products from VIZPARK, and you are disappointed or something is not working for you as you expected, you can get a refund of your money (100%) within 15 days after your purchase. I want you to be happy with your purchase and if you are not, you´ll get your money back.


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