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Color Extract LE


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Extract and randomize colors …

Whenever you tried to get color variations on objects you were probably encountered with picking different colors from photos and assigning them to materials and objects to get more variation. What a tedious task!

COLOR EXTRACT Lite Edition extracts up to 3 colors (100 colors in full version) from any photo and randomly assigns them to objects, object elements or even procedural maps in 3Ds Max. Just load any photo, extract colors and render. It has never been faster before to create or exchange multiple colors at once. And it has never been easier to exchange and use multiple natural colors from photos before. Color Extract is especially useful, but not limited, to natural elements like grass, leaves of a tree, stones, sand, clouds, and many more.

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  • Extract up to 3 colors (100 colors in full version) from any bitmap
  • Random distribution on multiple objects, elements or faces of an object in ONE material
  • Extend existing procedural maps with more colors
  • Tested in 3Ds Max with Scanline, Mental Ray and VRay
  • Also works with Forest Pack from iToo Software and Multiscatter
  • Unlimited rendernodes included
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*All images rendered with 3Ds Max and VRay 2.1


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  1. Load a bitmap and auto-extract colors

    With Color Extract you can extract colors from any bitmap easily. Just load a photograph (grass for example), set the number of colors you need, sort colors and assign the material to the object(s). Color Tools automatically handles randomization among objects, elements of an object (e.g. grass or leaves of a tree) or even face of an object (e.g. square faces of a plane for interior tiles).

  2. Adjust colors

    You can extract from 1 to 3 colors (100 colors in full version) and use the colors for random distribution on objects, elements, faces or even procedural maps. You can even sort colors in case you want to use them in a pattern or linear sequence.

  3. Select random mode and render

    Once your colors are set, select the random mode and hit render. It was never easier..



For more information, description of the features, graphical user interface and more, please take a look at the reference guide:


  • 3Ds Max 2010, 2011, 2012 (32 bit and 64 bit)
  • Scanline, Mental Ray 3.6, VRay 1.5 SP5 and above
  • Forest Pack Pro (per object, per element)
  • Multiscatter (currently only with Mental Ray)

Upgrade to full version

Color Extract Lite Edition is free for personal and commercial use. Upgrading to the full version will set the limit of 3 colors to full 100 colors that can be used. Scenes that were created with the Lite Edition will be compatible with the full version, so they will load once you have replace the LE plugin with the full version plugin. So you will not loose your settings and scenes.


3Ds Max 2010, 2011, 2012 (32 bit and 64 bit)


VRay 1.5 SP3 and above (not RT), Mental Ray (not iRay), Scanline


unlimited rendernodes included


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